Killing time,

killing is not as fun as it should be,

and time it drags so slowly on in life’s multiple miseries,

and I wish it was not so,

for time is not meant for wasting,

and wasting time is not what life should be about,

but it happens far too regularly,

because all we seem to have is a fraction of our lives to enjoy ourselves,

and it is not the way it should be,

for we so often try to escape the mundanity,

and we life our lives so automatically and it is mostly a blur,

mostly a blur and all we do is kill time,

and feel empty and wait to cram happiness in,

wait to cram as much happiness as we can into a small-time frame,

a time frame which is much smaller than it should be,

and the time of our lives,

well, there are barely any to see,

barely any to see and barely any to remember,and it crucifies humanity.

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