The falling night it is a beauteous sight,
a beauteous sight as the moon and the stars in the heavens alight,
yes, it is a wondrous sight,
for as the stars and the heavens alight,
and the curtain of black is drawn in such a spectacular way,
of its magic and its glory,
how it rejuvenates the eyes that are tired and weary from the day,
and the falling night how it rests above all else with its majesty and mystery,
and leaves the question in the mind,
how so,
way up there in the air does heaven stay,
and how does it stay and how does it hold up so much weight,
the combined weight of it all,
from the great to the small,
from the meteors to the shooting stars,
to the stars and the planets,
to the black holes and the galaxies,
I truly do not know,
but I wish to know,
and how often I ponder is there anyone who knows it all, maybe,
maybe there is a great creator after all,
and someday I hope to meet the maker of it all,
the universe and all,
and someday,
someday but not too soon,
for these eyes are not that weary of the world,
and not that weary of the heavens,
because what is life for, what is life for,
but to explore it all,
and I have not had my fill of this beautiful place,
this beautiful Earth where I play my part,
and where my beating heart and my mind is captured by it all.

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