Memories of the winter snows,

memories of the snowflakes wherever I go,

wherever I go in the sunshine in the summertime of foreign climes,

in the foreign places in which I thrive,

memories to cool me under my hat wherever I go,

for I Iove the tropical greens,

I love the clear blue oceans upon which I dream,

and I love the sandy beaches where I stand,

for the air is so clear and a walk along those beautiful beaches is so grand,

and where I walk there needs to be no plans, for it is better to be spontaneous,

and I am happier in my spontaneity as I roam across the islands of the Caribbean,

and I walk through the palm trees and the lush vegetation and the scrub,

and I view the boats from the rocky promontories,

oh, how great is travel and how easy it is to explore sailing across the Caribbean Sea,

how easy it is and what a joy,

because around every corner there are so many beautiful sights to see,

from shore to shore,

and so many sights that leave your heart begging for more,so many sights that leave your heart begging for more.

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