I love it here,

I love it here,

sat here in the fields,

in the space that I create,

the space in my mind,

the zen like space,

the place,

the place that is so hard to describe,

and all there is the empty feeling of nothingness,

and what beauty there is in nothing,

what beauty to admire,

and as I sit free of the world,

in the heaven of an empty mind,

tranquillity comes to me,

tranquillity comes to me,

it comes to me so rapidly,

and how calm I feel in my soliloquy,

and time it halts,

and how my mind stands still,

and my body it recovers from the stress and the weariness of the day,

and oh, how powerful is the mind,

with such calmness of mood and what strength it gives me and how it rejuvenates me,

and in me I can be lost so easily and so hard to find,

mind over body,

mind over body,and my body certainly does not mind.

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