silhouette of man during nighttime

Last night

Last night,

we said goodbye,

and you left with anger,

and I, I left with tears in my weary eyes,

and our hearts were filled with frustration,

and indignation at each others thoughtless replies,

and countless tears we cried,

and hours and hours passed until they did subside,

and in the morning light,

as the dark of the night did depart and the sun began to rise,

I awoke to a reflection of you and I,

and a crazy confrontation that should have never materialised,

but it did,

and now, I feel regret, and shame,

and although we were both to blame,

how stupid we were,

how foolish,

but from where the spark that did light the fire,

from where and whence, it came?

Some tiny little misunderstanding,

but still jealousy, is a tragedy,

and you seem to have jealousy in you,

and I in me,

and I never wish to go back to that night ever again,

never again,

and this heartbreaking sorrowful refrain,

never again, this pain,

this terrible agony,

this intense pain,

that we both feel,

and forever will about which most likely hang our heads in shame,

but then again, maybe, we will never change?

Maybe we will never change,

maybe we should go our separate ways?

Oh, the stupidity,

oh, the agony,

oh, the pain!

The pain inside my heart,

the pain inside my brain,

and how I rue the temporary insanity that caused us to fight,

and that caused us to be brought low by such stupid words,

words that we should never repeat again,

and God forbid, that we ever come down this darkened road ever again,

but, no matter what regrets that we may have,

we are, you and I forever changed,

and we are both to blame,

both to blame,

and we left with our heads hung low,

waiting for each other to make the first move,

and to make the call,

and say those words,

I am sorry,

I am sorry.

Oh, those vicious hurtful words,

slung between us,

like bullets,

like acid rain,

words, so caustic and bitter and twisted,

and beneath us,

but no matter what I think or feel,

this will never go away,

because we are unfortunately, and stupidly to blame,

and time, time they say is healer,

but this mess, this mess will take all our lives for it to go away.

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