Inside the coat,

a gun,

inside the coat

a note, a note for his mum,

a shopping list,

something for dinner after he has finished killing someone,

and inside the coat a bottle of rum,

and inside the coat a gun and upon his face the early evening sun,

and in his mind killing time,

killing time with no cares in the world and work to be done,

work to be done,

and with thoughts of blood and bodies he smiles because he is not right in the head,

but he is keen for fun, keen for fun,

and oh, how he will laugh sadistically for he gets paid extra to be crazy,

and he lives to put fear into people,

and until he has the work,

he is not truly happy until he has murdered someone,

and then he will go back home to his mum,

and give her some money from the money he has earnt killing someone,

and she will smile at him and pat him on the head,

the favourite son,the favourite son.

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