In the deathly hallows sorrow grows,
in the deathly hallows where hardly anyone goes,
in between the trees with the large branches casting the shadows across the ground,
the boggy ground that waters the Earth all around,
where the owls hoot and the animal’s scoot,
and there is a kind of fear in the air that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up,
leaving tingling sensations there,
and there,
there is a deathly silence everywhere and a single grave under a tree,
and upon the gravestone it reads I came to meet my love,
I came to meet my love, and she murdered me,
she murdered me,
beware all who enter here,
beware for all is not what it seems,
for darkness lurks and the darkness here can turn even love to death,
under the black of night and the starry skies and the moonbeams,
and I am dead and no more will she trouble me,
for she is dead too and in self-defence I sent her to hell,
and this place,
this deathly hallows was hell upon the Earth for me,
yes, this place where you now dwell,
let it be a lesson to you,
because it certainly was a lesson to me.

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