In the cafe,

I was here for a little while,

as the snowflakes fell out of the sky,

and I saw you cry a while,

in your designer clothes,

and with nary a smile,

and of such a mood,

a mood as black as the day,

and you,

you sat alone and I looked at you,

I looked at you in your distressed state,

as so many many tears ran down your face,

and you did not know which way to look,

but you should not have been ashamed,

yes, because I know pain,

I know pain,

and you were that day all over the place,

and still in my mind,

I have your face etched in my memory,

and the pain you were feeling it tugs at my heart to this day,

and when I think of it, I still feel the sensations and the sympathy for your pain that you felt,

and though I beckoned you over that day,

you would not come to me,

though I wanted to talk to you a while and to take you out of that lonely place,

that lonely painful solitude that cuts you into pieces if you do not express yourself,

and you do not get it off your chest,

and oh, how difficult it is when your eyes are blinded by tears,

and your mind is in a maze,

a maze of conflicting emotions and thoughts that take you around in circles,

and that make you feel so uneasy and crazed,

crazed by pain,

pain in a never-ending refrain,

and oh, how I felt your pain,

how I felt your pain that day,

as you looked at me with those sad eyes,

and with those countless tears running down your face,

tears that I could not explain as the snowflakes fell outside and your heart was as cold as the day,

but alas you would not come over to me,

and I could not attempt to understand you and attempt to take away your pain,

which was a terrible shame,

and now, in my mind the vision of your agony it unfortunately remains,

and I wonder about you,

and I hope,

I truly hope that you are in a better place,

and I hope that you are far away from tears,

caused by what heartbreak?

What heartbreak?

I do not know,

but I think of you in my prayers,

and I pray for you from it to be saved,

to be saved from heartbreak,

and heartbreak it truly is not an easy thing I know,

and with time heartbreak it will go,

but unfortunately, it happens in life so many times,

and you are an emotional soul,

and as delicate as a butterfly and you probably always will be,

and I wish I could see you again and tell you and reassure you that there is no shame,

no shame in tears that fall like rain,

no shame at all,

for they are truly beautiful,

and no, not ugly at all because they cleanse the soul,

and it is the beginning of the end,

and a rebirth of the soul,

and it is good for you and not shameful at all,

and yes,

I still think of you,

and I think of us all who suffer heartbreak,

and I hope that you will find some comfort and emerge reawakened and bettered by it all,

because the road leads ever onwards,

and heartbreak never lasts as long as love,

and of that we all should be thankful,

and wherever you are now,

I hope you are in a better place and with a happy face,

and you are smiling in the sun some place,


some place where there is no heartbreak at all. I will look for you,

no matter the sun, the rain or the winter snows,

I will look for you,

because my heart does not want to be alone.

I will look for you,

because that is the only way my heart wants to go,

on a journey looking for love,

because it is far too miserable being alone,

and no matter the sun, the rain or the winter snows,

when your heart is empty and you want love, 

no beauty,

not even the beauty of nature can fill the empty space alone,

so, I will look for you wherever I am,

I will look for you across the world no matter where I go,

because love is a truly blessed thing,

and an inspirational thing,

and how it lights the eyes aglow,

and how it fills the heart with loves glorious revelries,

and how it makes you leap for joy,

and feel so content inside,

and how powerful it is,

for with just a look,

with a touch,

with a kiss,

what wonder and magic there is,

and oh, how the soul does lift,

lift you up as if into the heavens upon angels’ wings,

and oh, how much joy there is,

and how many happy tears are cried,

and love,

love cannot be denied unlike the misery that you feel Inside of being alone,

and I have no wish to be alone,

so, I will look for love,

I will look for love across the world wherever I go.

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