Here I am,
here I am,
alone in the night,
so, far from you in distance,
but not in my heart,
and sadly, so, far away from you,
without that beautiful view of you,
glorious beautiful you,
and it is, it is a tragedy to me,
that I cannot gaze into your heavenly eyes,
and with a gentle kiss upon your lips, light the spark,
the spark with which to rouse our passions,
and be able to kiss and cuddle, and feel so happy in our mutual, intellectual and sensual attraction,
but in time, how great it will be to hold you as we whisper sweet nothings and smile, smile, smile,
but currently, here I am,
here I am,
long after the day has fallen,
and the light has gone,
here I am,
awaiting on you,
waiting on your voice to travel to me down the telephone line,
glad that the long tiring day is done and gone,
waiting for the bliss that I feel when your honeyed lips utters those words I love you,
and my heart it skips a beat,
a million times as I talk to you,
and I am, glad to know that your journey home to my arms will not be long,
not long,
not long,
and it will be not long, until you will sing to me a song,
a song so smooth and sweet to me, with beautiful melody,
and despite being so far away,
my heart will melt and leave me at peace,
and how happy I will be that you will be home soon,
my angel,
my darling,
my love,
from whence you roam,
because, without you,
a home does not seem a home,
and although you are far from me,
how glad I will be to hear your sweet voice,
and how glad I will be to see your pretty face,
as you arrive home, home from wandering alone,
and how happy I will be to wrap my arms around you, and cuddle you and kiss you,
and how thrilled, and how thankful I will be, that you are finally home.

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