further than before you goad me,

and you push me and we,

we are at war, but you tell me that you love me,

and I tell you that I love you too, and we fight like cats and dogs,

but we are happy, and it is a strange relationship,

but it is funny how you can get used to it,

but it is not how it should be,

but how we seem to tolerate it,

because we are so alike,

we are so alike you and me,

and our lives are happy, and we do not always agree,

for you are stubborn and I am too,

and oh, the to do,

the to do with me and you,

but I love you,

and you love me,

and although we fight it is true, we were meant to be or that is what we say,

and it is true until we argue,

but that all over is just me and you,just me and you.

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