Evening falling,

coming down from up on high

stars appearing and stars twinkling in the eyes,

evening falling,

clouds in the sky passing by,

and sat wishing upon dreams,

as you and I,

we spend a little time in amongst the palm trees at the restaurant by the oceanside,

and we drink a little wine,

and we talk of our plans,

our plans to buy a boat and sail across the oceans,

and we talk of where we will go,

and I drown happily in your eyes,

those beautiful blue eyes,

in which I could sail a million miles,

and in them quite happily for the rest of my life I will spend the rest of my time,

for in you I have met my equal it is true,

and in you,

you give my life such glorious hues,

and how wonderful it is to be with you,

for you are so passionate and caring and gentle,

and you with your wit and your beauty and your sense of humour and complexities,

how you fill up my heart and my mind with a love so true,

for I love every part of you I truly do,

and I never wish for anything else,

nothing other than you,

for you complete me so beautifully,

and in you there is heaven upon the Earth,

and oh, how I revel in you,

how I revel in you,

revel in your magnificence and in your intelligence,

and how I laugh at your jokes,

and how I smile at you,

and how truly thankful I am for you,

for you are the light of my life,and how gloriously you light up my heart and my mind with a love so true.

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