We were divided over so many things,
so, going our separate ways was best for the both of us,
and it is far better than the heartache,
which would only come again and again,
for when things are not what they should be,
and when things are broken and fractured and shattered and so painful,
and there is so much arguing,
how well do you really know someone if you do not understand them fully,
and you cannot seem to fathom them out, and can only on most things disagree.
So, a tortured love is not for me,
so, give me just give me and let me be,
for I do not wish to be with you when all we would continually do,
and have previously done is create a symphony of misery,
and what is the point of such barbarity, now I wish I knew,
but no matter how many times we fall in love,
we are unknowingly blinkered so often,
and love fools us so many times and, in the heat, and the frustration,
where is the love if you cannot listen enough and understand enough,
and argue far too much and are only left with indignation and misery.

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