In the dead of night,
in the candlelight,
with the stars out and the moon shining bright,
how beautiful you look,
and how elegant in your red dress,
and how glorious your eyes are and how bright,
yes, what a beauty you are,
and your voice, it is as silky as can be,
and it melts me instantly,
and it brings me such great delight,
and what a wonder it is to hold you in my vision,
and how my heart it flutters every time I see you,
and every time I do not,
absence makes the heart grow fonder,
and apart from you in my mind I wander,
but there is no greater delight than to see you before me my love,
and to hold you in my arms so tight,
and to kiss you in the dead of night in the candlelight by the fireside,
as outside the stars are out and the moon is shining bright,
yes, oh, how wonderful it is to be with you,
and to gaze into your gorgeous eyes that I lose myself in every time,
and as I wonder you and we kiss and we cuddle the whole night through,
I am in heaven with you,
beautiful you,
yes, oh, how I wonder you,
and how you awaken my senses as you so gloriously do,
and how alive I feel,
how alive as your heart it beats next to mine,
and we,
we make love under the starry skies in the summertime,
with your mind and mine,
and your heart and mine intertwined,
how wonderful you make me feel,
and how beautiful are your sensual delights,
that set me aflame so gloriously through the passionate night.

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