Black sky,

warm heart,

dressed in my coat and hat,

and looking up into the pitch-black night,

gazing up at the stars,

as the clouds are scattered by the winds,

and the meteors they shoot across the sky in majestic arcs,

and as the moon it glows reflecting the sunshine’s ebullient revelry,

I stand beguiled, awed by its beautiful majesty,

nature at its finest and so filled with creation, 

death and tragedy.

Oh, what a wonder they are,

heavens highest glories,

yes, the highest that humans can see,

and what high praise I do have for thee,

and oh, how my heart and my eyes at the sight they delight in the effervescent light that filters into me,

and here as I stand under a solitary tree,

the leaves they do fall so gently and so beautifully to the ground,

and oh, how the sight of the heavens does so greatly move me as I stand in the blackest of nights,

in the freshest of breezes,

under the stars that twinkle and display their glories for all to see,

and, what a wonder the sight is,

and how elegantly they capture my heart the stars,

because here for hours and hours I can happily stand gazing up at the night sky,

pondering the glorious firmament above me,

wondering of the time it took to create,

and wondering how such beauty exploded from such violent chaos,

that does away my breath take,

that does take my breath away,

in awe at the sight that does delight,

on an autumn evening,

by the log fire that will keep me warm all night,

and as I revel in the majesty of the heavens whose cloak of stars so gloriously spreads itself across the sky,

my mind it whirls at a million miles an hour,

and my brain it asks countless questions of what, how, and why,

and oh, what a beauty it is the night,

with such glorious light reflecting into thine eyes from the heavens above,

from the glorious heavens so wise,

so wise to be able to create such magnificence above,

and oh, what a glorious universe it is that from which I was born and that I do so love,

and that fills me up inside with the magic of its light,

and when I look at it and when I revel in it,

there is heaven in my heart,

and heaven in my mind,

and there is heaven in my eyes,

yes, oh, what a glorious wonder thou art,

for thou takest my heart like a thief,

but I do not mind,

I do not mind you being so brief,

because you always amaze me and are most welcoming,

and I am happy for you to steal my heart away in the black of night as I stand by the log fire,

and I sigh,

I sigh as the meteors fly across the sky,

a sight, oh so beautiful and magical and brief,

and the universe in its age it watches them at play,

and I admire them the whole night through,

and it is not enough for me,

no, not enough majesty,

so, whilst the sun it warms me so beautifully,

I wander across the magnificent heavens in my dreams and dance the moonbeams,

and then, when I awake,

I start the day so happily with a smile upon my face,

grateful for the creation of the universe,

that so happily does my soul take,

and that I will always carry,

I will always carry in the nights wake.

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