You abandoned me, said the sea,
you went home and left me,
you left me with no one to wave at,
and now, I am in misery,
and you left me as bored as can be,
and lonely,
oh, what am I to do, what am I to do with me?
I wish I knew,
but you,
how could you,
how could you leave me,
because I provide most of the water in your body,
and how thoughtless it was for you to leave me,
and I can never leave you unfortunately,
yes, how cruel of you it was to leave me as you did,
and what are you going to do,
without me?
Something useful I hope,
because I must complain to you because you misuse me you do,
yes, you pollute me, constantly,
but, you need me,
and without me,
your life will cease to be,
so, when you return,
please try and treat me more respectfully,
because without me,
there would be no you,
and without me,
I would be extremely lonely,
and, you like looking at me,
and I can see why,
because, I am more beautiful than you,
and more powerful than you,
so, please, when you return,
do not treat me as you used to,
do not treat me, so horribly and cruelky,
without me,
there would be no you,
and I am 65% of your body,
so, please, do not act so cruelly towards me, as you usually do.

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