Yellow and blue,
pretty flowers for you,
beautiful you,
you with eyes so inviting,
and delighting,
how wonderful you look,
but sadly, I am only delivering them to you,
and though I wish they were from me to you,
it is not true,
and although I can fantasise about the possibilities of me and you,
unfortunately, probably it will never be true,
and even so my heart it skips a beat,
as I give them to you,
some flowers of yellow and blue,
to beautiful you,
a beautiful view,
but all too momentary it is true,
but in my heart I will keep you,
and in my mind my memory of you,
incase you are ever alone,
and I could meet you,
oh, the romantic in me coming through,
but it is sadly time to leave,
before you have to pick me up off of my feet,
but here’s to the future,
and hopefully one day meeting you,
when you are free and single,
oh, the possibilities of me and you,
I think as I walk away with a smile upon my face,
as you smile in delight at the flowers of yellow and blue,
yellow and blue.

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