Into the world anew,
into the world afresh,
into it me and you,
and with both of us holding hands in the sun walking to the sea,
we are so lucky in our choice to be together, because in our choice we are free.
Yes, we are alike you and me,
and how much power there is in love,
because by being with you I feel uplifted, and I would not have it any other way,
because you are so gentle and you move the Earth for me,
you move the Earth for me and what a beauteous thing it is to be with you,
and in your glory I revel at the sight of you, and I revel in your name,
because you were my destiny,
and together in our hearts, the heavens and the stars always lay in wait,
waiting to light up the darkest of times, wherever our paths lead and come whatever may,
we will be happy for in your eyes with your humour,
so, the moonbeams and the passion in its multi-coloured ways will remain.
And with you,
With you, no sun could replace the brightness that I feel inside,
and no sun could be brighter than when I am by your side,
because in you there is enough love to last for eternity,
and you and I, and together us two,
how much better could our days upon the Earth be,
and this Earth, it has filled life with glorious worth, and it has brought me to you and you to me.

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