How wondrous it is,
in the silence,
in the times of our lives,
as we survey the world,
what beauty there is in the visions in the eyes,
and as we stare in wonder,
as we stare and wonder with open hearts and welcoming and receptive minds,
what glorious wonderful visions are to be seen,
such glorious visions,
glorious visions that are our angels wings,
angels wings that lift us up and help our spirits rise,
and oh, what glorious magnificence there is of many many colourful incredible kinds,
and how powerful those feelings that from them do so so welcomely arise,
such powerful feelings that from many a spending thing,
nature has created in the history of time,
and as sit, we sit and contemplate the world,
what splendrous beauties there are that inspire the heart and the mind,
beauties that fill the heart with happiness,
happinness that is, despite all the languages in the world so very hard to describe,
and as we contemplate and cogitate and ruminate,
in each vision,
and in each moment,
even in the darkest of nights,
how fine is natures beauty,
and the beauty of the naturual world that lights our lives,
and in each precious moment,
each valuable second, minute, hour, day and month and year,
oh, how easily happinness comes,
as we stare and gaze at all the beauty that comes our way,
and as our cares and worries disappear from view,
how much clearer a view we get,
and how much better life is with life less complex,
less complex in the tranquility,
the simplicity,
and the soliloquy of the rarest and the most glorious of times,
times of calm,
times of wonder,
times of splendour,
time out of time,
time in nature,
time with loved ones and friends,
a time that we hope we will never end,
a time of great laughter and jollity and joy and solitude,
and a time of great calmness of mind,
a rarity these days,
a rarity in these bombastic times.

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