We rise up from the Earth,
we rise up from the Earth from the complexities of our birth,
we rise up from the soil in the evolutionary toil,
the evolutionary toil that shapes us so gloriously,
and we are so beautifully formed by the Earth and its efforts and by its hard work,
and when we appear blinking in the light,
when we appear wide eyed and inquisitive and a little scared,
how many versions of us have there been I wonder,
for here we are formed as we are in our current state,
able to look, listen,
and interpret all that we see and hear,
and how many versions I wonder are there of us,
how many versions of us human beings,
and how many variations of our complexities,
oh, it amazes me, and I imagine a library somewhere,
a library filled with the blueprints of us,
and whether it is a God or a another who creates us,
imagine how big the library would be,
how big the library would be to contain all the versions of you and me,
and what a wonder it be, the library of the evolution of you and me.

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