When I want you,
you are nowhere to be seen.
When I want you,
I wonder how you could be so mean,
how you could be so mean to me,
so, mean to leave me so lonely,
oh, where are you,
because you are only in my dreams,
the lady of dreams and I am as lonely as can be,
and I could do with your company,
but when I want you,
you are nowhere to be seen,
and you are but wishful thinking and imagining,
so, where are you my Queen?
Are you in the heavens dancing amongst the stars and in the moonbeams,
it is a mystery to me,
a mystery,
but one day I hope that you will fall from the heavens into my arms eventually,
but fate I do not rate,
and it has never been so pleasant to me,
but what magic it would be,
if you fell into my arms and then swept me off my feet with your charms,
now, how beautiful that would be,
and so, until then I can only think of you,
and dream of you in my dreams.

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