Sat in my twilight seat,
with the fire burning,
and the ever-darkening sky with the moon so bright,
oh, what a sight,
the glorious colours of the flames and the sky,
that warm me and my heart,
as the owl it hoots in the still of the night,
and peace returns,
and I rest my mind by the fireside, and I burn the letters of an unhappy love affair with a smile on my face,
and with the joy of the current time in my heart,
and no longer by love torn apart,
but reflecting on what it means to be free finally,
and out of the fire of love gone wrong,
and in my spirits riding ever higher as do the embers from the fire,
as I a rejuvenating me,
I rise, as if a phoenix from the flames,
arisen from the ashes of old love and from old desire.

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