Once was the time where the daylight crept upon thine eyes,
yes, once,
but now you are cloaked in your tomb under the greyest of skies,
and where the tree grows now and overshadows you, the grass grows wild,
the grass grows wild, and upon your gravestone your name has disappeared,
disappeared and I wonder who you were,
and I wonder what visions you had seen with your eyes,
and it seems a shame,
it seems a shame for you to be forgotten and not remembered anymore,
yes, a terrible shame, and I try to imagine you,
and I wish I could bring the dead back to life,
for we could have talked for hours and I could have admired your mind,
but in your grey tomb you are long gone,
and the earth,
the earth has reclaimed you along with the history of time,
and so,
I stand before you none the wiser,
none the wiser,
but I pay my respects,
I pay my respects for your part in the world,
and here alone now I stand,
here alone I stand but will I be remembered,
and will we all,
once the sun has exploded and died and we are erased physically forevermore,
in a terrible all-powerful final destructive act.

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