Easily and happily sometimes forgotten the rain,
the tears of joy,
the tears of pain.
Oh, the rain, the rain, the rain,
in its never ending refrain.
The rain that refreshes us,
and the rain that washes us away.
Oh, what a wonder it is,
the rain that we bathe in,
and that nourishes us,
and that brings new growth and birth,
all across the planet every single day.
Yes, what a spectacular thing it is,
and what a magnificent and powerful thing too,
and what a wondrous beauty are the teardrops that fall from the sky,
teardrops that travel the world,
wondrous beauties that keep us sustained,
teardrops that keep our bodies replete,
with the water that we need,
wherever we stand upon the beautiful Earth,
yes, rain,
majestical and beautiful and sometimes a terrible terrible thing,
terrible when it is delivered so powerfully in tornadoes,
and when it brings such great devastation,
but beautiful when it falls from the sky,
and how glorious and spectacular is it’s beauty that is captured in our eyes, when we are outside,
and when we are safe and warm inside as the rain hits hard and loudly upon the windowpane,
oh the rain, the rain, the rain, about which we often complain,
how precious it is,
how wonderful it is,
and how terrible it is,
but without it, despite its frequent destructive ways,
everything on the planet would sadly fade and die away.

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