taj mahal under blue sky

Taj Mahal

There you stand in all your glory, 

the Taj Mahal,

for of beauty, and love you tell such a great story,

for what a great work of art has been created, 

and with such craftsmanship,

and dedication to love, 

for you are built so proudly,

and with so much skill,

yes, what a wonder it is the Taj Mahal,

and with which you the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan,

did honour the love of Mumtaz Mahal,

who died so tragically in childbirth,

and who tragically from you, 

the Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan did depart,

but, still after all this time, 

the Taj Mahal speaks of a great love,

and with such incredible power, 

and how beautifully,

it overwhelms everyone in its presence,

everyone who stands in awe at your artistry,

and in your elegance,

because love, 

love so powerfully illuminates the heart, 

and darkness,

darkness it never overshadows it, 

for love is as bright as the sun,

no matter, 

no matter when the sun has set, 

and the sun has passed. 

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