Sweet music,
beautiful you,
blue skies, and sunny too,
and oh, oh, such glorious eyes,
glorious eyes on you,
and so, beautiful blue,
beautiful blue,
as we sit on the beach beside the ocean, as the wind blows through your hair,
and you run towards me, you look like a movie star,
in slow motion,
happy as can be,
and as your arms reach out to me,
how could I ever feel blue,
and my beautiful, my beautiful friend, the love of my life, how my heart it leaps as you,
you reach me and cuddle and kiss me majestically,
and you and I, become we,
as the sea it waves at us,
and we do what we do,
we cuddle, and gaze into each others eyes,
and our hearts soar as if upon angels wings,
such miraculous things,
such delicate things,
but how glorious our hearts sing,
when we are together,
me, me and you,
and you cry a tear,
a fragment, of your heart,
a miracle, a piece of your soul escaping you!
a tear full of you, beautiful you,
and how beautiful it is as it shines as the sunlight it pierces it right through,
and as I feel your hands grab me and touch my skin,
the sensations that overwhelm me,
no words are enough to describe how you make me feel,
except miraculous,
because that is what you are to me,
and how would I ever be, me, without you?

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