A solitary feather upon the breeze,
as I watch and am stood mesmerised,
a solitary feather upon the breeze,
floating gently down from the sky,
a few seconds where you feel true tranquility inside,
yes, a simple thing,
a simple act,
in a suicidal pact,
a suicidal pact with the ground,
where it will decompose and be gone in very little time,
very little time at all,
yes, a beautiful thing to watch,
with death the only meaning of it all,
but what a joy it is to watch it so gently fall,
and how elegant it is in it’s suicidal act,
floating left and right,
natures creation,
so aesthetically beautiful and simple but complex,
and the movement it makes you relax,
as you watch it float from left and right,
in white,
and how glorious it is, as it falls after its death,
in the glorious,
glorious sunlight.

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