She breaks a window of a house and she enters in the night,
she rummages through drawers and she takes what she needs and the things that she likes,
and she,
she goes to the shops and she avoids the security guards and the cops and does not think twice,
for on heroin her mind has gone and deleted the person that she used to be and the family to who she used to be so nice,
yes, on heroin,
on heroin with vacant eyes and a wicked grin the days pass quickly, and her body is thin,
and on heroin,
on heroin she is desperate and as it ravages her body,
her mind becomes more warped for such is the disease that has set in,
and she,
she mugs an old lady or two and sells her body for money which was something that she thought that she would never do,
but on heroin she makes a lot of money,
and spends it and looks like death,
and soon I am sure she will shuffle off this mortal coil for her sins.

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