Good morning. It is a very rainy wet day outside, and my legs need to be pulled by an antigravity horse to get me to go outside. The weather is its usual self this time of year and as far as I am aware it will be like this all day. But that is fine by me. There is plenty of wonderful music to listen to despite the dullness of the weather and I think it will be like this all week unfortunately, but as a British person you kind of get used to it. I am sure I have enough supplies to feed an elephant, and there are people being blown across the road towards a gigantic hamster.

Soon I hope to be in London, well in the next couple of weeks looking for a literary agent. I really appreciate the support of my poetry book Alas the day and I am continuing with my book promotion via fund raising. Unfortunately, things will be a little quiet on the promotional front until Christmas whilst I raise some money.

I am currently on my first cup of coffee, and I hope to be inspired, by what, I am not quite sure. But inspiration is a wonderful thing whenever it arrives, and I am currently thinking through several hundred business ideas, three books of poetry, seven novels, a fighting fantasy kind of game book, a travel book, a board game idea, and a movie. I am also doing some painting to try and raise some money.

The life of a writer is certainly an interesting one and very tough, and even tougher because of COVID-19 as many people do not have so much money to spend in their pockets. But work continues and soon 2000+ poems will be added to the website.

I hope you enjoy my poetry. Feedback is always welcome. Thank you!

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