it is what it is,
a slow march at best,
an evolutionary trail,
trod by those who with snail like pose,
crawl along,
and get nowhere quick,
and how frustrating it is,
and how irritating it is,
and how often the lack of advancement leaves you depressed,
and bereft,
bereft of sanity,
and how terrible it is,
and unfortunately, nothing is quickly fixed,
and bureaucracy causes people to be disenfranchised,
and left in despair,
because of promises, promises and promises,
that never amount to much,
and all the words are far too often filled with hot air,
and we as society,
far too often go nowhere,
and society suffers,
and humanity suffers,
despite there being many people with good hearts and minds who stand up for what they believe in,
they never really get anywhere,
and society far too often despairs,
and becomes stressed and jaded,
and bureaucracy far too often these days only makes you want to pull out your hair.

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