A friend said to me once,
I like pandemonium,
and I replied yes absolutely I quite agree,
I agree that there is joy in pandemonium,
for in this life we have more than enough blandness and not enough vibrancy,
and the colour of life and the colour of us,
how often it is bled from us by its insanities that should not be,
and how often we are anaemic because of life and its continual determination to grind us down with its many inanities,
and I often wonder what God thinks,
or what the Gods think,
and I wonder do they laugh at us,
do they laugh at our wastage of time on so many needless things that have no point in the scheme of things,
for there are so many things in this life that should not be,
and we are left empty by wasting time on so many things,
and it is utter stupidity,
utter stupidity,
and there is more joy in pandemonium,
and I am sure that the Gods would agree,
and I wonder what their work life balance is like and what their timetable is like,
probably much more fun than ours,
and they probably always have a smile on their face as they create planets and stars whilst drinking their tea.

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