Off to see,
off to see a man about a dog,
off see you a friend in the night with an umbrella in hand,
off to see you playing live music in the club.
Off to the river to watch the boats go by,
off to see the flood,
off to smell the roses in the gardens,
off to buy some clothes,
off to buy some clothes to look good in,
off to find some friends that I can believe in and trust,
off to dinner in the evening,
off to find you, the one that I love,
off to find you with flowers in hand,
and a beating heart in the first throws of love,
off to find you my new love with butterflies inside me and with such sparkling light in my eyes,
the chance gifted to me from the heavens above,
off to see the circus,
off to market,
off to buy some grub,
off up a hill,
off up a cliff to look out to sea,
off and happy wherever I will be,
off and happy being me,
happy being me.

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