Did the mountain come to you when you called?

Did you call loud enough for it to fall,

and did it stand unmoved and resolute, 

or lay in ruins at your feet,

large broken rocks and small,

and what did you ask it when you called,

did you wish for change,

did you ask for the answers to life,

or the why and the wherefore,

and the wonder of it all,

and as you lay amongst the answers,

did you find beauty or destruction,

and did you comprehend them,

as opposites to what you thought,

was the prism of your lens,

viewed through a different colour,

than that was what you sought.

was beauty disgusting to your taste,

was destruction more palatable to the tongue,

were you trying to satisfy yourself,

that everyone else was wrong,

and the language that was spoken,

did you understand it all along?

Or did you have to learn it,

for life is best lived with an education that is never ending,

and with a lifetime of constant understanding,

and a lifetime of comprehending.

for such brings about the improvement of humanity,

but alas, ignorance they say is bliss,

but to choose to live a dull life eternally,

would be the life of a fool,

and if you choose to live as a fool, 

it is a wasteland full of regret and remiss,

and not worth remembering at all.

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