in the sky,
how long have you been there,
and do you sigh,
do you sigh at the beauty of the Earth,
and ask why,
why you were not made so beautiful,
but dull and grey,
and boring to looking at,
or do you care at all,
are you sentient,
and can you recall,
can you recall all the history of what you have seen,
the movements of the stars,
and the planets,
and the sun,
does the sun give you nightmares,
or does it make you pleased,
does it seem peaceful to you,
or angry?
And, moon in the sky,
how does it feel to be so high,
so high,
does it make you want to cry,
and have you ever been able to cry,
have you ever been able to cry tears from your sky?
And I wonder,
I wonder what happened to you,
to make you so dry,
I wish I knew,
but here we are today,
and as I look up at you,
oh, what a view,
oh, what a view,
and although it is a long way away,
maybe one day I will visit you,
maybe one day I will visit you,
and have a different view than what I see today,
dull and grey,
a dull and grey planet,
but still,
to see you up in the sky,
hanging there so beautifully and so high,
it is a wonderful view,
and what a miracle it is,
that the universe can hold so many things of great weight,
great weight such as you.

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