Meteors and shooting stars,
starlight twinkling,
and glorious visions,
that in the eyes reflects and captures powerfully the magnificence of the universe,
and of who created it,
I do not know,
but how incredible must have been their mind and their heart,
for what wonders there are to be seen,
and the sight it plays inside my heart,
it plays like a great symphony,
and how it inspires me and how it raises my mind to new heights,
and how easily I am at peace gazing in awe at all the glorious sights I do see,
that so wonderfully stir my heart,
and in the firmament where we got our start,
what time it must have taken to form it all,
and when I try to think of it all,
my mind cannot take it all in,
and I am sure to know everything would be a pointless and a boring thing,
and so I gladly stare in wonderment at just a part,
and I am a part of it,
and it is a part of me,
and I happily sit astounded by its beauty,
and happy to only know a small piece of its elegant magnificent beauteous and glorious mysteries,
that so powerfully in my eyes, and in my mind and in my heart do so gloriously make their mark.

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