Mahatma Ghandi,
sheer heart,
courage, bravery and spirit are what you had
and you were never afraid it is true,
you were not afraid of challenges,
and wherever you went you were dignified and compassionate and kind,
and you listened and learned all that you could do,
and then, when you went abroad in South Africa you raised a family,
and then firstly employed nonviolent resistance in a campaign for civil rights,
before moving back to India where your heart belonged,
and there you set out to free India from British rule,
and at the end of your life you had given everything you could give,
and you had nothing to prove,
because you had been through so much,
and in life the devil could not sway you,
could not sway you from your path because you were true,
and you were beautiful in your truth,
and in your truth, there was a beautiful you,
and you,
you determinedly stuck to your beliefs and there was a simplicity and a compassion,
and a determination in the causes that you chose to pursue,
yes, the emancipation of India for one from the British colonial rulers,
and though you suffered poverty and hardships,
nothing got to you,
nothing truly got to you because you were you,
a fighter through and through,
and you,
you fought for easing poverty,
and expanding women’s rights,
and building religious and ethnic amity,
and ending untouchability,
and also, too achieving Swaraj,
or self-rule.
and you fought like a tiger for the Independence of India,
and you fought like a tiger with every little bit of spirit and with every bit of energy in you,
and you,
using your education and the learning of language and the love of language,
which was instilled so deep inside you,
you educated the people of your cause,
and you with your great heart and your passion and with the fire in you,
oh, how you fought,
oh, how you taught,
and how you made the people believe in your cause and in you,
and oh, how great you were,
how great for in your simple clothes,
and in your flip flops,
you urged non-violent resistance,
and revolution wherever you would go,
and you were respected amongst the peoples of India and rightly so,
and long may it be so,
and of your history in the photographs,
and in your speeches,
always we will remember you,
we the people of the world for you were truly great,
and how fondly you are remembered for you,
for you fought for freedom,
the freedom of India,
the Independence of India,
and because of you, and many others who fought for the cause,
India today is a free and a democratic and a thriving India,
and I am sure if you were alive today,
you would still be incredibly proud,
because you fought for it like a tiger,
and how great the country became after what you fought so hard for,
because what you fought so hard for came true,
and you,
you will always be remembered for you,
for you rightly earned your place in history,
and India in its beautiful glory,
it exists and it thrives because of you,
and many others who never gave in to achieve the dream of a free and an independent India,
an India that is all the better for your part in the revolution and by you,
by you Mahatma Ghandi,
by you being you.

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