Like leaves that fall,
like leaves that fall gently to the ground,
how beautiful they look,
and oh, how beautiful you are too,
and just like the leaves falling from the trees,
you disappeared far too quickly without a sound,
and now, I can only picture you in my mind,
and wish that you were still around,
because unfortunately you were only a fleeting vision before my eyes,
and how greatly I was mesmerised,
and beguiled by your beauty and by your eyes,
and I,
I hope to see you again,
no, I do not know where and I do not know when,
but If I do,
I truly would love to say hello to you,
and I would love to get to know you,
because I do not fall for many people at all,
but there was a beauty and a charm about you,
and you had a glorious smile,
and how wonderful you made me feel in those few fleeting seconds where I stood before you,
but sadly, oh, how quickly you were gone,
as quickly as it takes for leaves to fall from the trees,
and now,
all I have is a beautiful vision of you in my mind,
and when I will see you again, I do not know,
no, I do not,
and I do not know if I will and when,
but I hope it will not be long,
and until then all I have is that moment,
that precious moment of that vision of you standing so beautifully before me,
that vision of you before me that I replay in my mind over and over again,
yes, that vision that so happily I recall,
and all I can do is hope,
hope to see you again,
but where and when will I see you,
I do not know where,
and I do not know when,
but with you,
with you I could truly fall,
truly fall in love again.

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