feeling like the light,

feeling like the light has come on,

feeling like I have been waiting for the sun too long,

feeling happy in the inspiration that has taken far too long to come,

feeling like the light has come on,

feeling good after a flash of inspiration,

feeling good after the lightning bolt has come,

and feeling relieved and glad to be reprieved,

reprieved of the nothingness that I previously received in my brain,

for I waited all night toying with ideas,

and here is a great one at the dawning of the sun,

and oh, how my face it lights up,

with the wonders of my imagination,

and I am glad to have such inspiration,

and I am glad sat here in the morning sun,

glad with my idea being finally upon the page,

my idea fully formed after hours of thought,

oh, what a wonder is inspiration,

but why so often,

why does it have to take so long?

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