In time, in time, time will bring about our untimely downfall, and sadly, time, whether we like it or not, is against us, and time, time is the constant enemy about whom we cannot complain to at all.

But still, here I am, just sat here waiting for you, the lady who never cares about time whatsoever, and who is never on time, and who doesn’t care about time. The lady who is infuriatingly and always dependably late, but no matter what, you are always worth the wait. And when you finally arrive, how beautiful and glorious will be those eyes, those deep pools of beautiful blue, into which I fall and constantly lose myself, whenever I see you. And oh, those eyes, those eyes, there is heaven in them, and time, time lost in them, is the most beautiful time that I have ever known, but… right now, you are nowhere to be seen, and I, I am living in a dream, daydreaming my day away, waiting for you. And rapidly, past me, the people hurry and scurry along as if it was the end of the world, but truly, truly, none, none are as beautiful as you.

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