In the sunlight,
all curled up in the armchair,
all curled up to great delight in front of the fire,
in front of the fire and content as a butterfly hovers about in the daylight,
oh, how great a sight is the garden outside,
for it beckons me from my slumber,
and it calls me outside,
and the garden,
the garden how it fills me with glorious beauty,
and how it fills me and inspires my mind,
and upon the grass I will lay,
I will lay looking up at the sky,
and I will feel the breeze as the clouds float high above my eyes,
and as I do,
I will drink a cool glass of lemonade,
and I will savour the fragrances from the flowers in the flower beds,
and I,
I will pay no mind to the time passing by,
for there is no greater time than amongst nature,
because it inspires me so delightfully,
and I will be as happy as can be if I can just drag myself out of the armchair,
the armchair where the sunlight falls upon me and warms me so thoroughly,
yes, it is not as easy as it should be in the sunlight,
but with an iron will, I will drag myself up and head for the beautiful garden,
and fall asleep under the apple tree.

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