In the morning,
in the light,
under the clouds as the birds do sing,
what glorious warmth there is,
and what wonders the day holds,
as nature wakes from its slumber,
and the sunlight spreads across the fields in all its colours,
and oh, it is a many and a gloriously varied thing,
and what great beauty there is outdoors,
and what splendour there is,
and what splendour as the mind begins to function again,
in the morning in the light,
under the clouds as the birds do sing,
and the breeze blows gently,
oh, how calm it is and how heavenly,
a heaven on Earth filled with worth,
and as I walk amongst it and the spectacular wonder that I see,
I am filled with happiness as I pass along the track and through the trees,
and as the clouds gather high above me,
how white they are and how bright as the sunlight bounces off them and they float gently along above me,
and the yellow flowers in the field,
how brightly they shine in their beauteous patches,
in front of the woods,
in front of the calmness of the trees,
on a still quiet morning with no wind at all disturbing the leaves,
and oh,
how the sound of birdsong carries to me so beautifully and so gloriously,
and how it lifts the heart and the mind in a splendid dance,
and how wonderful the birds are with such splendid sounds that do float around me,
from here to there and everywhere,
oh, what a beautiful morning,
and oh, how much there is to see out walking amongst its fields and amongst its fineries,
and what better a place to wake up and rub the sleep from the eyes as the sun does rise,
and as the night fades away and leaves the mind quickly in its memory,
what a beautiful day out in nature it is and far away from the noise of the city
and what a great place to feel alive,
what a great place to feel the Earths majesty,
the Earths majesty sprawled all around me,
a majesty of jewels of all kinds,
and of such wonders that fascinate so,
and that so inspire the heart and the mind,
such incredible wonders of grand gestures of creation,
that light up the heart and the mind with the wondrous colours that creation has prescribed,
and what a wonder it is to exist,
and what a beautiful feeling to feel so rejuvenated by the sights that I see,
and how amazing to be alive and to be me,
walking through the fields,
past the yellow flowers as the sun shines down,
as all around there is a glorious world to explore,
a miracle,
a miracle of life in the morning light,
and I am glad,
truly glad to be amongst it,
truly glad to be alive,
truly glad to be me.

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