In the cemetery where I buried you next to the rosebush,

I linger in my thoughts frequently,

and I feel my heartbeat and I am aware of my own mortality,

I am aware of my own mortality much more aware than I used to be,

in the cemetery by the sea,

and here I always tell you that I love you,

and as I think of life and how you went to war and you fought for me,

I only have one thing that I wish for,

and that is to see my son once more across the other side of the world,

and to live with him until the end of my days,

and that is my wish,

and it is coming true,

coming true finally,

and this will probably be the last time or two or three that I get to spend time with you,

and it feels sad,

incredibly sad to me,

for you will no longer be near me,

no longer at all,

and I will be on the other side of the world,

but you will always be,

you will always be in my thoughts Mary,

and the times shared in my memories,

and to honour you I will scatter roses in the ocean,

and send them to you Mary as I read you your favourite poetry,

and, as I look for you in the heavens,

and I will watch them float away,

and I will think of you and the kisses that you gave to me,

and the good times that we shared,

and I will have flowers placed upon your grave regularly Mary,

and I will visit you at night in my dreams,

for I loved you more than anyone,

and until we meet again,

I will send your favourite roses upon the ocean waves to you,

and I will think of you,

I will think of you in my arms the way it used to be,

the way it used to be

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