In space amongst the stars,

looking down at the beauty of the Earth in its blue,

oh, how glorious it is and how magical too,

and how incredible it is just hanging there so gloriously in the heavens,

and what are the chances of another planet,

another planet able to sustain life like the Earth does do,

and what beauty there is in the seas and the oceans and the land,

and what time it must have taken to create,

what time to form from the majesty of the universe something so grand,

something that is a small speck in the scheme of things,

something out of chaos or something deliberately planned,

deliberately planned amongst the beauty of the heavens,

something of great majesty,

something of an incredible age,

a wonder in the eye passing time in the history of the universe where we take our place,

and where we as humans race around and are but a fraction of its age,

amongst the stars in space,

where we have been gifted life,

an incredible gift,

and what a wonder,

what a wonder there is,

what glorious wonder there is in existing upon it and living out life,

living life amongst the beauty and the gloriousness of all its forms and shapes,

and what a wonder it is to travel and to explore,

and to live out your days,

fascinated and captivated,

amongst the heavens,

amongst the stars,

where we are alive and born,

born out of such great chance.

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