I imagined a nation,
whilst sat waiting at the bus stop in the rain,
I imagined a nation without anger,
without violence,
without suffering and pain,
I imagined visions of happy people,
hordes of joyous people with no sadness in their eyes,
and with no complaints,
I imagined a nation and the world as the rain drops fell,
I imagined them both without problems,
where happinness is well cared for,
and advancement of the nation and the world runs at a sprint,
and not at a slow crawl,
a nation where we do not see the same problems again and again,
and how wonderful it would be,
but it is just a vision whilst sat waiting at the bus stop in the rain,
a perfect vision,
but sadly for the world,
the problems in society are as numerous as the rain drops that fall again and again,
and the grey clouds that above me threaten for the rest of the day and possibly the rest of the week to remain.
and quiet contemplation under the clouds of grey.
Sat ruminating,
and cogitating things that I want to happen and things that I want to see.
But oh, will they ever be?
I wish and I hope, but we will see.
And as I watched the raindrops fall and I had my visions in the rain,
I contemplated the ideal realities,
and the delusions,
and the truths of the world,
the cold hard truths,
and they are far too numerous despite how many times the world does complain.
But does anyone care?
Does, anyone ever listen?
Does any God ever hear our prayers?
Is humanity on a suicidal mission to eradicate itself from the face of the Earth,
through violence,
and through wars that happen again and again?
but it is not a thought that for long I wish to entertain.
But what else is there to do whilst waiting for a bus in the rain,
hoping for the rain to wash the problems of the world away,
hoping for a better world,
but facing the reality,
that life and the world will never be perfect,
and the world will most likely face the same problems again and again.
And the best that I can do,
is hope that we never give in,
and we try, try, try again,
to fix the problems of the world,
and to encourage happinness.
Some reflections,
some quiet reflections whilst waiting at a bus stop in the rain

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