I see you,

I see you the lonely,

the sad,

the bad,

the mad,

the happy,

the glad.

I see you,

the discontented,

the notoriously bad.

I see you when I walk through town,

I see you the serious.

I see the jokers and the clown.

I see you all.

I see humanity in its moods and in its rises and its falls,

I see you,

I see you all,

and I ponder you all,

and I wonder you all,

and I remember you and I paint you all, for all the colour of the world is in you all,

and what a mixed lot you are but how happy you make me when I paint you upon the canvas,

a canvas filled with life,

a canvas filled with the beauty and the ugliness of it all,

and how glorious the colours with which I paint you,

for memories to me are much better in paint than in the photographs,

for it is my own work,

my vision,

my skill and no machine has been used at all,

and how happy it makes me,

and how happy it makes me this creativity,

and oh, how it inspires me because what a life it is,

the life of a painter,

capturing the life of the lonely,

the sad,

the bad,

the mad,

the happy,

the glad,

the discontented,

the notoriously bad,

and what a wonder it is capturing human emotions,

and what a beautiful thing it is capturing it all,

and how big a smile it brings to my face,

and how magnificent it is to be able to capture and create and paint, the aspects of it all.

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