I filter the coffee,
whilst you,
you tread softly on the rug,
you in your dressing gown,
bright eyed and all cosy and snug,
and I filter the coffee,
and the croissants are done,
and the fruit and the orange juice is on the table,
and we bathe in the light of the glorious sun,
and I pour the coffee,
and you walk over to me,
and your fragrance wafts over me,
and you wrap your arms around me,
and your eyes they sparkle in the light,
and you kiss me,
you kiss me gently,
and I smile as happy as can be,
as happy as can be,
and I am filled with love,
I am filled with the love of you.
Good morning my loved one,
good morning my loved one I say,
as we bathe in the light of the glorious sun.

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