I feel nothing.
I feel nothing in this weather.
I feel grey,
I feel blue,
I feel empty,
I feel void,
I feel nothing inside it is true.
I feel nothing and I am wanting for colour, but the sun is as far away as can be,
and this day it is a misery and it does absolutely nothing for me,
and I feel grey and I feel blue and I do not feel awake,
and I do not like to exist in this kind of mood,
for I am far too easily coloured negatively by natures attitudes,
and I wish I was not but unfortunately it is true,
and I feel nothing,
I feel nothing in this weather,
and I feel grey,
and I feel blue,
and I feel empty and void,
and it makes me annoyed,
and I wish God would get out his paintbrush and paint the sky a bit more colourfully than he seems to do.

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