Headache in Hawaii,

Alka-Seltzer in a glass,

Hawaii, plumeria,

Hawaiian hibiscus,

the bird of paradise,

flowers outside my window as a Hawaii ʻAmakihi flies past,


Alka-Seltzer in a glass,



boozy nights and days on the boats catching fish with friends,

and as we sit there with great smiles on our faces and lots of laughs,

and as content as can be,

we make the most of the days and the nights,

and enjoy ourselves at work and play,

writing and creating art.


Alka-Seltzer in a glass,

and thoughts of the outdoors,

and thoughts of the smile upon her face,

the Hawaiian lady that I love and adore,

her name,

her name is Kailani,

and my thoughts are filled with her,

and I keep coming back for more,

and I think of my arm around her as we bob up and down on the ocean and she kisses me,

and I run my fingers gently through her hair,

and she holds me tightly,

and she smells of all the fragrances of the flowers of Hawaii,

and she,

she is so beautiful to me,

and the light in her eyes is bright like the sun and I am filled,

filled with her warmth,

and yes,

I could spend an eternity there,

and I hope to marry her one day,

one day for sure.

“Onaona i ka hala, E ka lehua, E hale lehua oia na ka noe O ka’u no ia, e ano’i nei, Ea li’a nei, ho’i o ka hiki mai, A hiki mai no ou kou, a hiki pu no me ke aloha Aloha e Aloha e.”

Fragrant with the breath of hala and lehua,

This is the sight I long to see,

Of this, my present desire,

Your coming fills me with eagerness

Now that you have come,

Loves comes with you,

Greetings, greetings.”

(NB The above is the translation of the Hawaiian marriage speech in Hawaiian and English, how beautiful it is.)

And Hawaii,

it is such a beautiful place to be,

such a beautiful place to be with the girl that I love,

and this headache,

well it is nothing that an Alka-Seltzer in a glass won’t cure,

and time,

time is meaningless mostly,

mostly in this relaxed life that we both adore,

time is meaningless except when you are off to meet the one that you love,

when the one you love is waiting,

for love is timeless, so I am quickly off out of the door,

and as I go, I lock it behind me and head for the harbour in my shorts and my sandals,

and I pass the people I know,

and they greet me as I come and go,

for my love,

my love she calls to me,

she calls to me,

and with each step my headache begins to disappear and as I get closer to the boat,

I see her stood aboard it with a big smile upon her face,

and with her hair blowing in the wind it is as if in slow motion,

it is as if she is as in slow motion,

my Kailani,

the woman that I love,

the woman that I truly adore,

and she is so fragrant and timeless, and oh what beautiful eyes she has,

what beautiful eyes,

eyes that I fall into and that I can float in a million times or more,


how beautiful she is,

and as I look at her,


love the waves seemingly seem to say,


love over and over again as they crash endlessly upon the harbour wall,


yes, my imaginings as she smiles at me,

oh, how beautiful is she,

Aloha Wau la ‘Oe,

I love you,

I love you I say with a smile on my face,

I love you I say as onto the boat I climb aboard,

and as I do, she throws her arms around me,

and the fragrance of her fills my senses and is so beautiful as she,

she kisses me and holds me so tenderly and gently,

and as she looks in my eyes I am in heaven once more.(Poem, partially includes the Hawaiian marriage ceremony speech, traditional speech)

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