General Information

Writing and poetry through my shop provides digital downloads, which are delivered instantly. 

Writing and poetry sells books by me, Ben Robinson, which are delivered according to Amazons delivery times.

You are able to create your own store on writing and poetry, and each store is responsible for providing their own delivery times.

if a product is damaged, with Writing and poetry’s physical  products delivered via Amazon, please kindly contact Amazon support. With writing and poetry’s digital downloads, if a file is faulty please kindly let me know and I will replace it.

Writing and poetry delivers digital content instantly, and Amazon delivers the paperback and hardback versions of my books, they will provide you with a tracking number.

Writing and poetry can be contacted via our email address:


A business phone number will be provided shortly.

Products & Services

Writing and poetry’s products can be payed for via PayPal and credit cards, which is secure and uses SSL sercurity.


Amazon takes payment for our products by credit card and other methods, which are displayed on Amazons site.

Credit cards will be charged upon purchase of our products and the same with vendors selling their products on our site.

Click on checkout in the shopping cart.

Writing and poetry’s shipping charges for digital downloads are zero, Amazon charges their own shipping charges for the paperback and hardback books that we sell via Amazon.


Other vendors on our website will each have their own way of delivering products, which should be described in their own individual terms and conditions.

Writing and poetry sells books through Amazon, they will be delivered according to the delivery option you choose.


Other vendors will have their own delivery methods, including digital and physical. Please see their own individual terms and agreements.

Writing and poetry will soon have a business number for advertising purposes, if you wish to contact us about advertising, or for general enquiries, but in the mean time, please email us to: