Sweet delight,
cherry flavoured kisses,
and the flames flickering high,
with our moods as high as the sky,
as we hold hands at the table,
over dinner and wine,
in the evening with magic in our hearts,
and love in our eyes,
and sensuality it flows in the throes,
of our first date in the evening time,
delicate and tender and gentle and playful,
with passionate minds,
passionate minds,
and sensual touches as the candlelight burns bright,
and our conversation flows with no hesitation long into the night,
and grows more joyous with time,
and each glass of wine,
and we dine and we listen to each other,
and the intricacies of you they unwind,
and I begin to understand you,
and you begin to understand me,
and you pay me such compliments that I almost blush,
and the warmth it beams so powerfully from your beautiful eyes,
and how they dazzle me like diamonds,
and your smiles,
oh, how they capture my heart and set my heart aflame,
and already,
already your name,
your name is written into my heart,
and there are signs that love could be in the air,
yes, love,
that beauteous thing,
that grows so quickly as if out of nowhere,
as we sit at the table for two,
so happy in each other’s company,
with laughter and smiles upon our faces,
and your cheeks all rosy and mine too,
and as we eat dinner and drink glasses of wine in the summertime,
with truly happy hearts and truly happy minds,
love begins to grow,
with sweet delight,
and cherry flavoured kisses,
and candlelight,
as the flames of the candles, they flicker high,
and love and its radiance it grows in our eyes,
and we share such beautiful sublime moments,
and revel in our new romance on a glorious evening in the summertime.

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