On that fateful day,
I awaited you,
I contemplated you,
I needed you,
I loved you,
I had such feelings for you,
I ached for you
I waited patiently for you,
I did not know where you were,
and I waited but you never arrived,
and unfortunately,
you were lost forever,
you were lost forever,
yes, it is terrible,
but it is sad but true,
sad but true,
and unfortunately,
you committed suicide,
suicide by drowning yourself in a sea so blue,
a sea so blue,
a sea so blue,
but why,
why oh why,
how I wish I knew,
how I wish I knew
oh, god,
oh, god,
how I cried,
how I cried,
how I cried over you,
how I cried over you when you took your own life,
by drowning yourself in the sea so blue,
the sea so blue.

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